Friday, February 24, 2012


Hi , everyone !

I want only to warn you that until the 3rd of March I will be really busy , so updates might come a little later .
I have finall exam on the 1st and I am travelling on the 2nd . After that I will be free and back with more updates from the BIGSHOW and news about the new album . ^^

You can imagine how I will feel on the 29th with the album realise when I am having my final project submission the next day ... it seems YG and my professor are plotting against me , hahah

If there is some important update about the tour in this next week I will post it for sure , but photos and news from the BIGSHOW will all come on the 2-3rd of March !

Don't forget to trend on twitter for the album realize #BIGBANGALIVE and for each song preview !

See u soon ! ( well ... write to you soon it is more correct ;) )

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