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Seungri Playlist

Here is Seungri playlist !

Most of the songs in his playlist are well-known so I don’t need to introduce them too much  : ) . 

This is soooo Seungri playlist ! I don't say that only because I know he likes Jistin Timberlake or Katy Perry as he has mentioned before , but the music just so "feels" and "sounds" like Seungri somehow ^^ . 

Btw , you must have already noticed how many VIPs have written under the videos of the songs in the BIGBANG’s playlist! Britney fans, I am sure, will be especially happy to hear about BIGBANG again ;) !  In any case , please, don’t speak against Britney or make fun of her under her videos , just because we won  the EMA . Just enjoy the music ! 

( Now if I had a band and a youtube video I will be twitting to Taeyang non stop to include me in his playlist and triple my youtube views ! haha ) 

1.Every Time - Britney Spears 

I liked Britney before and I even if now I am not such a big fan I still really like this song . It is very gentle song .  ( Of course I like the video as well ... it might be dramatic and sad , but there is Stephen Dorf in it ! :)  ) Btw , I read somewhere ( Idk , if it is true ) that this song is based on Britney's real life and it comes as a response to Jistin's Cry me a River . ( at the time they broke up ) 

 2.California Gurls - Katy Perry 

It was obvious how happy Seungri was to meet Katy Perry last year . Now she should remember him when she sees VIP mentioning him under her video hahah . Anyway … This song is so ….well colorful ! I am sure you all know it , so there is no need for me too say much … ( you must search for this song's parody ! it is quite funny )

3 . LIVIN'My Love - LMFAO . Steve Aoki 

Party , baby ! Wow ! hahah , yes this is such a party song and it's cool ! Tra-la-la , la-la ! It is very catchy ! 

additional info - 

Steve Hiroyuki Aoki, also known as Kid Millionaire, (born November 30, 1977) is an American electro house musician, record producer and the founder of Dim Mak Records. 

LMFAO is an American electrohop duo consisting of rappers, producers, dancers, and DJs Redfoo  and his nephew SkyBlu . The group formed in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. 

( from 

4 .Why When How - Justin Timberlake

Here he is ! Jistin Timberlake . Ok , I cannot be a hypocrite so I have to say I really dislike him ! haha , this is a personal thing , no offence . I admit he is very talented and I like songs as Cry me a river and Sexy back but him personaly I don’t like …Therefore I wouldn’t be listening to this song if it wasn’t for Seungri , cause I usually don't go to search for Jistin's music , unless is on the radio/tv . The song is pleasant though , and I guess it could be likeable for many .

5. Try (밑바닥에서) - Tablo (타블로) feat. Bumkey

Ok , I didn’t expect that . We all know that Tablo is YG artist now , but still I wouldn't think that Seungri would put him in his playlist ! Respect , man !
I recently discovered Tablo and he is a very interesting person and artist for me.  I am now planning to even read his book . If you haven’t yet listened to his album, do it soon! There is more that “Tomorrow “to heard 
in this album. Also check the translation of his lyrics -

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