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Travelling to London Tips - Part 2 ( Accomodations )

Accomodations in London 

There are plenty of web pages for finding hotels ( hostels ) in London .
Let me name just a few

- http://www.hostelbookers.com
- http://www.booking.com
- http://www.traveleurope.com/ 
 - http://www.venere.com/

Prices can greatly vary from something like 10 pounds for a bed in a hostel room to …. very big numbers  for single rooms in a hotel.

If you want to have a single room in a hostel or hotel in kind of descent area it might cost you around 30 - 40 pounds a night ( minimum ) . You might get lucky to find something cheaper but this is the average price. It is more possible that you find rooms for 50-60 pounds .

If you don’t mind sharing room in a hostel - then it will cost much less . Is up to you ! Some hostels also offer single or double rooms . If you are travelling with a friend this might be a good option . If you travel in a group of 4 people is even better because you can book a 4 bed room in a hostel and it will be much cheaper then a hotel .

What you need to check when booking a room: ( beside prices ) 

1. Location  

Where the best place to choose is, depends on how you want to spend your time in London. If you want to stay for 2-3 days and go around the “tourist” part of the city , then you should find hotel in zone 1 or 2 . If you are in London  only for 1-2 days maybe it is better to chose something close to the Wembley Arena ( or at least zone 4 ) ( this is for people coming to the BigBang concert )
Make sure your hotel is close to bus or tube station. Even if you are further away from the center, as long as you are close to the tube station you can easily move around.

Consider one more thing – the time of your flight. If your flight is early in the morning or late at night, it might be more convenient to find accommodation closer to some of airport transfer couch ( bus )  stops so that you won’t have to take taxi in the middle of the night. ( but try not wander alone at night around train station in other occasions ) .

2. Facilities 

First think about what you actually need for your stay ( that also might depend on its length ) and check well what is included in the price and for what you need to pay extra .

Check the basic things – do the place gives you bath towers or not , is there internet connection and so on . Pay attention also if the place has a curfew !

Some hostels offer also breakfast or even laundry service . Make sure you actually need those services when choosing .

More tips for choosing between hostels : 

- check if they have ( free) baggage deposit
-  check if the WC is in or outside the room - the same goes for the showers
- check if it is mixed room or only for girls(boys)
- the number of beds in one room
- bring small soup and shampoo because you can never be sure if there are going to be there or not ... ( small one and remember the plastic bag for the hand luggage ! )

Also if you are going to a hostel always bring a padlock with you ! ( just in case )

3. Ratings & Comments 

Almost all pages offer a rating for the hotels and the hostels they show you. Check those opinions for having more reference . People oppinions might be different but you will get a general idea .

4 Other things 

Most pages will ask you to pay a small deposit for booking – something like 10% . Don’t forget to print the receipt! Also make sure you have the hostel telephone number and address with you. As I said before – most hostels provide you also information about how to reach them , so print those directions as well and bring them with you .

If there are any question , don’t hesitate to ask me !

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