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Travelling to London Tips – Part 1 (flights and transportation to the city )

There are many airports around London area. I am going to write you about those 4 of them that is most probable for you to use.

But first of all let’s start with the airlines companies. ( This might be very trivial and well known information for some but nevertheless, I will share it. ) 

Here are some of the low cost flying companies:

1. Ryan Air -
2 .EasyJet  -
3 . WizzAir  -

You can consult this web page for more low cost companies that fly to London from your country

Sooner you book your ticket , the better! 


Those low-cost companies are sometimes very strict. Try to follow their rules.

Remember that :  

- you probably need to make check in online ! Don’t forget to print your boarding card!!! Make sure you have a valid document with you when travelling!

– only ONE piece of hang baggage! (make sure that any small bag you have can actually fit into your bigger one ).

- Make sure ALL your liquid things are in a plastic bag and easy to take out of the bag. Don’t get any big bottles of shampoo or perfume with you – they will make you throw them away. Nobody will care how expensive they might be .Liquids must be in separate containers and no single item may contain more than 100 milliliters of liquid.

what qualifies as ‘liquid’?Any items that contain liquid substances, such as: water and other (alcoholic) drinks, syrup and soup ; perfume gels, creams, lotions,  toothpaste, (roll-on) deodorant, lip gloss, shaving foam, liquid make-up and mascara.

Read more about what is allowed and what not here -

- Try not to have too many jewelry or metal things on you, because you have to pass the metal detector (just put all your cool metal bracelets and rings  in your bag during the travel . In that way you won't risk to lose them while taking them off and on at the security check ) .
Very often winter shoes such as boots have metal elements in them so probably you will have to take them off during the metal detector check. ( so make sure your socks are in a good state to show them in public – no holes , I mean ;) )

- Don’t buy or bring a lot of water before boarding – you need to throw it away anyway . Buy it AFTER the security check .

- Be always careful and don’t leave your bag out of your sight .

Now about the airports transfer:

There are usually two ways to get to London from the airport :  by train or by bus ( coach bus )  In general trains are faster but also more expensive than buses. It also depends on the type of train that you are about to choose. Usually all hotels provide information about how to reach them – so make sure you have check that well so you know on which stop to get off .

(Don’t be too hasty to exchange a lot of money at your arrival. Remember that you can pay directly with your credit card in many places. Just make sure you are bringing your international credit card with you. )

Before giving you the links for each airport I suggest you to take a look at National Express web page It is a big company that provides shuttle buses for many airports in UK. It is quite easy and not very expensive way to get to London . Choose your airport from the "Aiports" meny and find out about prices and travelling schedule. If you need any help , ask me in the comments . 

1 – London Luton Airport (  )

MAP of the Airport -

Trains – “ Regular rail services to central London take as little as 21 minutes with East Midlands Trains and 25 minutes with First Capital Connect “

Read more -

BUS -  There are various companies that provide shuttle buses to London – see here 

2 – Stansted Airport  (


 Stansted Express
"Fast, frequent and convenient trains run between the airport and London Liverpool Street from early until late. Trains depart every 15 minutes. Average journey time 46 minutes to Liverpool Street and 35 minutes to Tottenham Hale."
Express class single fare £22.50 (£21.50 online booking).

Note - I have travelled with this train – it is really nice and comfortable but it is almost double the price of travelling by bus . Liverpool Street is a tube ( metro ) station and provides good connection to other parts of the city .

Read more

Buses :

It takes more or less 1 hour ( depends on the bus company and in what part of London you are going ) It costs between 8 to 10.50 pounds . 

Read more -

3 . Gatwick Airport  ( )

Trains – “ Gatwick Express is the fastest rail link between the airport and central London. Non-stop trains run to and from London Victoria every 15 minutes and take 30 minutes (35 minutes on Sundays). “

Read more -

Buses -

General  info  for arriving to  London -

4 . Heathrow  Airport (

Trains -
Buses - 
General info for arriving to London

Check also this map !


This is very general information and guidelines ! Ask if there is anything more specific you need to know . 

Once in the city – use this map to find your way in the tube ( metro ) system of London - .
It is a pdf file – you can save it to your PC and zoom it . If you place the mouse on the bottom right end of the picture the menu for saving and zooming will appear.

how to save and zoom the map 

Transportation in London . 

Public transportation in London is a little expensive compared to other Europen cities .  Especially when you are there for few days and you don’t have the oyster card.

London is divided in zones and travelling to each zone requires a different ticket .

Here is the list of prices – check the first column that says cash . As you see one way ticket is around 4-5 pounds ! .

Buses are cheaper – around 2-3 pounds . It also depends on the zone you are going to .

You can buy ( order online ) Visitor Oyster card - - ( you charge it and you have a discount on the ticket prices )
or Travelcards -

Here is comparison between the two -

Travelcards are two types :

Day Anytime – can be used at any time on the day of validity and for any journey that starts before 04:30 the following day. ( cost for zone 1-4 is £10.60 )


Day Off-Peak - Can be used from 09:30 Mondays to Fridays, all day Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, on the day(s) of validity and for any journey that starts before 04:30 the following day.

if you are planning to stay longer in London there is 7 Day Card- Can be used for 7 days during the period of validity and for any journey that starts before 04:30 on the day following the expiry date.
( cost for zone 1-4 is £41.80 )

for more details about transportation in London ,  consulte this page

Wembley Arena is in zone 4 . 

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