Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Travelling to London Tips - Part 5 ( Sightseeing )

About Sightseeing in London I can write you a whole book .... but I will keep it very simple and short . There are many tourist pages where you can check more about the London landmarks .

You can do many things in London - almost anything that comes to your mind! Go to museums ; watch musicals or theater plays ; go shopping ; go on walks in the parks ; go to bars , pubs , clubs ; visit Madam Tussauds to have a photo with Iron Man or the Royal Family ;  and even  go on a Harry Potter trip ! More time and money you have, better it is , but even with little time or little money you can have fun !

My advice is – just choose an area and walk around instead of rushing from one landmark to another  by the metro. Try to enjoy the city !

For example - you can start at the Big Ben ! Yes , go see it !!! It is beautiful . There is a Metro Station near by and it is a good starting or ending point for any London tourist walk. From there you can walk to the London eye (there is always a huge queue there… at least every time I went )  . To get on the London Eye and see the city from above costs around 18 pounds . But don’t do it if it too cloudy and gloomy cause you won’t see too far and its not worthy . From there – if you like walking , you can walk down the river as far as Tower Bridge ! There you can visit also the Tower of London .  It is a relative long walk but it is nice in sunny days .

Otherwise you can walk from Big Ben to Westminster abbey and after that even to the Buckingham Palace which is really not all that big and special as I though but it is a beautiful building. I presume it is much more magnificent from the inside but I never entered. I went instead to Green park . I can assure you that if you visit it  you will meet a lot of curious and hungry squirrels. If you have any nuts to give them they won’t hesitate to approach you.

Another nice area to go is from the Big Ben towards Trafalgar Square and all the area around it … wait ! my head is going to explode - there are so many possibilities!!! Covert Garden , Soho …….. Just think about what you want to see and experience. After that go this web page and find the area that will combine most of your interests and go visit it ! - http://www.visitlondon.com/

If it is raining and if is too cold for going around I suggest you to go to visit some of the London Museums . They are not at all boring ! Especially the science museum ! And they are all for free !

Don’t forget as well that London is full of modern buildings ! Go to the City if you want to experience its special atmosphere.

If there is something that interest you more to see or to known about  - ask me ! I love London so I will be happy to talk about it  ! ^^

PS If you are about to buy a city map pay attention for it be a little bit more detail

this kind of tourist maps are sure cute but ... they are really general and not at all usefull if you want to find some of this building in reality .

at least have something like this as well ( where the actual name of the street are written an things are in their right propotion )

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photo from http://www.boston.com
photographer Jason Hawkes
maps from http://www.london43.com  

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