Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Travelling to London Tips - Part 4 ( Weather )

There is not much to say about London's weather that you don't already know - London in December is cold and rainy . But it is not that bad ! The temperature might vary between 4 to 8 degrees . But since climate is going crazy in the past few years ( moral ! - don't waste energy , have sustainable life style and .... at least go around by bike ! ) it might be colder or warmer .... who knows .
There are few things you need to keep in mind

1- If it sunny in the morning it doesn't mean it won't rain in the evening : the weather changes swiftly . Always have something like umbrella ! :)

2 - Umbrella is sometimes uncomfortable and not very useful if there is wind . So take one raincoat as GD did .

3. You need 3 important things

  -  Bring a hat ! It is the only way to protect yourself from cold  wind . It is very easy to get a cold if your head freezes . Also there won't be much left of your hairdo if there is wind anyway . Protect your head !
 - Have a good shoes ! Make sure they are waterproofed !
And forget about high heels if you want to survive the concert . Buy shoes with high platforms if you want but spare yourself the pain of spending hours standing or jumping in high heels .

- Have a good coat that protects from rain ! ( one of those that doen't get easily wet ! )  !

I will write additional post with tips about the concert tomorrow late at night ... no wait is Halloween tomorrow ... ok . maybe the day after tomorrow :)  !

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