Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hello , everyone !

Many VIPs are trying to organize events for BIGBANG concert in London but unfortunately due to the restrictions of Wembley Arena not all mission could be done . For example  balloons are not allowed due to health and safety :( .

Here is what we can do ! 

1 - You CAN bring your official BIGBANG crown glow stick . Probably they will sell some official glow sticks as part of the merchandise for the concert but we are not 100% sure .

2 - Glow sticks/tubes are allowed only if they have the British Kite mark, and are no larger than 6". They must be used safely.

Other merchandise items will not be admitted to the venue. Only glow sticks and crowns, as mentioned above.

Therefore we can still make Mission Blue for Blue  and the Colorful Ocean for Fantastic Baby

If you are from the UK you can buy glowstick also here -

For those who are coming from outside UK : you can risk to take your glowsticks but remember that
1. you might have problems at the airport if you have them in your hand luggage cause they have liquid inside
2. They might not allow you to take them to the concert .

Some VIPs ( including the admin of this blog ) are going to order some light sticks and try to distribute them at the day of the concert but we are not sure they will be enough for all those who don't have them . Therefore - if you already have one - bring it ! If you have more you can bring to give away .

 - You can use your phones for creating a White ocean for Daesung´s "Wings" solo

- You can also bring a flag of your country and try to make it transported to the stage . Lets show BIGBANG that many people in Europe love them .

- You can make some paper banners if you like . 
( here are some banner templates if you like to download them ) 

Right click - Open in new tag -  Save it 

Right click - Open in new tag -  Save it

Right click - Open in new tag -  Save it

If there are questions , don't hesitate to ask .
Also if you have some additional information about the Missions - please share it with us ! 

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