Sunday, November 18, 2012

BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR - London ( Announcement about the Light sticks )

This is an announcement made by UK VIPs from

Glow sticks/tubes (one that you wrap around you as necklace)Must have the British Kite mark, and be no larger than 6". They must be used safely.
Crowns sticks allowed into the venue, 1 per person, under the condition they are used safely.
Other merchandise items will not be admitted to the venue. Only glow sticks and crowns, as mentioned above.

Arrival times
Please do not arrive earlier than the advertised 'doors-open' time. Wembley Arena and its facilities will not be accessible before this time. Wembley site is not suitable for early arrivals: there are no toilet facilities, near-by food outlets, or shelter in inclement weather. Early queuing is not permitted.
We do not have confirmed times from the organisers yet, but predict it will be Doors open 6pm, Show starts 7.30pm, Show end 11pm latest.

Any fanclub who wants a copy of official email, please send a message to us ( to ) with your address please and we'll forward it to you."

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