Friday, May 18, 2012

BigBang Alive Tour Concert Tickets

Hello !!!

Many people have been asking me about how to buy tickets for the show . I think there is no reason to worry about it .
As you see , on the page of the Tour Event there is "Buy Tickets " Button . I guess once the tickets for each concert are available you will be able to press this button and be directed to web page that sells the tickets .
Usually for each country the online page that sells the tickets is different , according to who is the local reseller . It is very probable also that the reseller will be the local LIVE NATION web page .
For UK , for example ,  is , for France - and so on .

So on the right date , you need to be ready in front of your computer to buy the ticket .

As for the prices - they can greatly variate according to the type of ticket you are buying and the country you are from . For example - the price of the ticket in Japan is 9,500 yen , that is around 120$ or 95 euros .
Probably they would be also cheaper once or more expensive once but for having a good seat you will probably  need round 100 $ - 150 $ . This depends also on the type of stadium or concert hall that will be chosen for the concert .
My advice is - start saving money so you are ready when the tickets become available ! ;)

I hope everyone will be able to get a ticket without a problem ! :)

PS  If you are looking for tickets for a specific place , type the name in our search box , to find more information about it . 

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  1. Thank you! Helpful! I almost forgot it'll be on livenation