Saturday, March 3, 2012


They say tonight's show was even better than last night ! A lot more energy our there ;) . I guess tomorrow will be even better ! :)

Some of the highlights of night

-Taeyang was so energetic that he  dropped/knocked over his mic

-TOP Took his jacket off and only wearing only a t-shirt

- HIGH HIGH performance with some ROCK SOUND to it

- Seungri so hyper! Teasing his hyungs singin and dancing!!!

 - Taeyang ripped his Be Real shirt..

- OMG!!! Daesung was tearing up a little!!! T_T

-VIPs singing Haru Haru!!!

-Top giving away goodies to the audience

-GD gave his jacket to the audience ( I want that)

-GDs left tattoo says "forever yours" and right side says "control"

-The boys stayed for a while and smiled and waved at the audience

 Track List:
1.Intro Alive
2.Tonight (rock version)
3.Hands Up
4. First talk/ment
5.Fantastic baby
6.How Gee
7.Stupid Liar
8.GD&TOP Left stage/DaeBaeRi Ments
9.Knock Out-GD&TOP stage
10.GD&TOP Ments
11.High High (Rock version)-GD&TOP stage
12.Strong Baby- Seungri solo stage
13.What Can I Do?- Seungri solo stage
14.Gara Gara Go
15.Number 1
17.Cafe (remix)
18.Bad Boy
19. Ain't No Fun
20. Love Dust
21. Love Song
22. Only Look At Me, Where you at, Wedding Dress Medley - Taeyang solo stage
23. Wings
24.Haru Haru (acoustic)
25. Talk/Ment
27. Last Farewell
--fans chanting "gomawo" (Thank You) for  encore---
28. Sunset Glow
29. Heaven

you can listen to LIFESTREAM of the show here ( )

source : @ bbvipforum, @bbvipz, @BBVIPAKO, @WeLoveDara, @esakwan, @rnosel, @RealNadiah

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