Sunday, March 4, 2012

BIGBANG BIGSHOW 2012 D-3 ( day 3 )

Hello  !

Here is some info about day-3 . Big thank you to @BBVIPForum @WeLoveDara @MamaWowa for the live  tweets !

The main thing that everyone says is that the show was the "best show ever " !

According to the info shared in twitter :

- Concerts starts with BadBoy MV
- Intro video with frozen BigBang in Capsules
- TOP took off his jacket again !
-Seungri said that today's concert is recorded for DVD

- Gd And Top Knock Out on the stage

- Seungri was teaching the audience how to dance Fantastic Baby and added Seung Seung Ka ! LOL !

- 2NE1 is watching Bigshow

 - Dae made Top sing a part of Wings!

- Everyone was screaming YEAH YEAH with Daesung

- BadBoy stage

- Tablo was there too !

- VIPs sang Haru Haru again

GD was tearing. Bae put his arm on GD's shoulder

- Taeyang took his shirt ( again ) and threww it to the crowd ! 

- Top stole fan's crown headband again .

- Top rolled Vi on the stage haha .

- GD changed to yellow tips

-VIPS  was screaming lets be together (  HAMKKEHAE!! ) 

-  There were 2 encores today. after the 1st encore Seungri asked fans 'arent you guys leaving?' then they decided they will perform

- Seungri splashing water to the fans!

- - they were trying to rip ach others shirts apart ! haha

- GD's friend Lee Soo-Hyuk was there , too ( the guy from 2ne1 "It hurts" video and What's up )

Amazing show !!! 

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