Thursday, August 16, 2012


[GD ALBUM TWEET PROJECT] In collaboration w/ the KVIPs we will tweet on the midnight(12:00AM-KST) of August 20, 2012 ——-> “@/IBGDRGN 우리는 너를 기다려왔어 #GD2ndSOLO” Meaning “We’ve been waiting for you” So GD’s TL will be full of same tweet just like in the BIGSHOW! ^^ It would be the first collab of the KVIPs and IVIPs! ^^ You can simply copy/paste the tweet and remove the(/)! Hope that everyone would participate on this project! ^^ Spread the word! ^^

 PS there is also a suggestion that you add a translation of "We've been waiting for you " after the korean text to your own language , so that GD can see more clearly that is not only KVIPs but also IVIPs project !

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