Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alive Tour VIP event

Hello !

We are organizing an event for the Alive Tour concerts - you can join the event here ( LINK ) 
Share this event with as many people as possible !

The idea is to create a shining multicolored "chains" by the use of glow sticks bracelets that go all around the audience . The message is that no matter how different VIPs are , they all get united by BIGBANG’s music . Fantastic baby is a “colorful song” , so it can represent this well !

This pictures explains you most of the details ( right click and open in new tag for better resolution )

We are also rising money to buy and distribute around 2000 glow sticks bracelets for the shows in Europe and USA .
If you want to donates us even 1 dollar - you can do it using the widget on the right side of  our page . 
We are going to buy as many glow sticks as we can for the 2 shows in USA and for the 1/2 shows in Europe . 

We are also willing to do this for the concert in Asia but we need assistance from someone local from there . 

If you want to help us to raise money and/or distribute glow sticks bracelets also for the shows in Asia - please send us a message on our facebook page (

We are going to organize one more  event , so please stay tuned ! ^^ 

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