Friday, June 22, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Tour European dates survey

Update - a date for UK has been announced - read here for more - 


On YGfriends there is a survey about the world tour dates in Europe where you can vote for your country

Honestly , I am not sure how important these votes will be for the final decision . I read that YGfriends are ‘fan staff’ that YG Entertainment has appointed to help out fans of YG Artists in concerts,events,music shows etc. Maybe they were asked to make this survey as to collect addition information about the fans in Europe ...or maybe YGfriends are doing it out of their own curiosity . ( they said themselves this information is used only as a reference and " NOT CONFIRMATION" ) 

You should vote in any case , but keep in mind that this results will probably not be the final ones. 

I guess if YG really wanted to make a serious survey , it should be on facebook , as the survey they did before - after all , this is about an international show ...

For the moment the results seems to be a little strange also .... I have always had the impression there are much more UK fans . I guess many people don't know that this survey exists.

I sincerely hope they will put 2 dates in Europe and not just one  . YG seems to be unaware or unsecure of how many people would go to BIGBANG's concert so probably they don't want to take too much risks .

Maybe after they see how successful their concert is going to be ( yes , I am convinced it will be succesful )  , they will add more dates and more cities to this one or to their future tours .

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