Saturday, September 22, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Tour USA - Tickets Sold out

Tickets for the both concerts of BIGBANG in the US , have been sold out in 5-6 hours after their release . 

For those of  you , that didn't get a ticket , you can hope for 3 things 

1- to find someone who cannot go to the show and is re-selling their ticket . 
Note - try to avoid the resellers that are asking for double price . always try to negotiate the price to its original value if possible . ( Those unpleasant people who making money out of reselling tickets really irritate me . )

2 - in some cases , if there is high demand , additional tickets may become available . These won't be VIP tickets , but most probably ticket for quite distant places who usually are not in sale . But still is a chance for you to go on the show 

3 - if there is really high demand , maybe YG will reconsider to add another date . Lets hope that this will happen 

Good luck to all of you , who are looking for a ticket ! 

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